Why is essay writing the No. 1 skill for more than just academic success?

1. The essay is the most important academic genre (text-type) used widely in schools and higher education. The essay is used to test a student's ability to think critically, analytically and communicate persuasively - important skills for life and academic success.

2. Essay writing is the written form of much persuasive communication, such as spoken argumentation. The requirements of both are essentially the same :
A) present a point-of-view, and
B) support that position with a sequence of arguments -
also supported by facts, evidence and examples.
C) Finally, restate your position.

3. Essay writing skills give you a certain social power.
The ability to write a good essay generally means that you have the ability to argue persuasively and convince others that your opinion is true. In this way, you can potentially shape the way other people understand the world.

So, if you take the time to learn how to write a good essay, you will also improve your persuasive communication skills!

How can students learn to write more persuasively?

Students can learn the vocabulary and grammar of persuasive strategies. When we argue to support our point of view, we use persuasive strategies: logic, reason; and we try to sound authoritative, reasonable and cohesive. Each strategy draws on particular grammar and vocabulary. For instance, to argue logically we must choose conjunctions (and, so, because etc.) to structure our ideas. To reason we must use the language of cause and effect. The new E-book How to Write IELTS Essays provides explanation and practice in the key persuasive strategies, whilst developing other important essay writing skills.

Why do students need help?

Many students experience difficulty in the essay writing
section of exams, like the IELTS, HKDSE or Cambridge.
They don't have an adequate academic vocabulary. and/or
  • not familiar with the stages and features of essays
  • don't know how to interpret essay questions
  • don't know how to write coherently and
  • don't know how to plan and develop logical arguments
  • need to do more structured practice to prepare for the IELTS

  • How can the book help students?

    The book is designed to help students prepare for the essay writing component of English exams, like the IELTS.
    In particular, the book :

  • introduces the purpose, staging & language features of essays
  • explains how to interpret essay questions
  • explains how to plan and write short exam essays
  • develops vocabulary on key academic topics
  • explains the key persuasive strategies and functional grammar
  • provides practice in using this grammar for essay writing

  • Who is the book for?
  • students who want to learn about essay writing
  • intermediate - advanced level English language students
  • students who wish to develop their persuasive writing skills
  • students preparing for the IELTS or other English exams

  • How is this book different from other text books?

    This book is specially designed by an English teacher and syllabus specialist, who has extensive experience with testing and preparing students for English exams. The course book is an effective syllabus, structured in order to facilitate the development of academic literacy skills generally, and essay writing skills in particular. Tasks have been carefully prepared, and sequenced in order to optimize vocabulary and skills development. Hence, before writing essays on selected topics, students complete reading tasks and build their topic-related vocabulary.

    How do you use the book?

    The book is a self-study course book. Like other self-study materials, you can work through it from start to finish, or choose a topic or task to focus on. After completing exercises, you can check your answers against the answer sheet. Sample essays are provided, along with supplementary essay questions for practice.

    t e x t 2 w r i t e . c o m is for students of English preparing for exams, including HKDSE, Cambridge and the IELTS.